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NexVolt Innovation

Redefining Power Conversion

Welcome to NexVolt Innovations INC, where innovation and expertise converge to shape a brighter future. Our team, composed of skilled entrepreneurs and engineers, is driven by a visionary idea with the potential to make a significant impact. Our focus is on delivering intelligent solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses across various scales. We stand out for our commitment to exceptional, devoted service. At NexVolt Innovations INC, we are convinced that a blend of insightful understanding and advanced technology is the key to steering businesses toward a thriving and prosperous future.

Meet the Team behind NexVolt Innovations
  • Zoran Stanisic: 

The Inventor with more than 25 years in the industry and the bright mind behind the Current Booster. Zoran has developed several patents for giants like GE, Northvolt and Megger. This has equipped him with unparalleled product wisdom and innovations. At NexVolt, he orchestrates transformation, turning vision into revolutionary products.


  • Haakan Oertenholm: 

Over 25 years of global leadership across Electric Mobility, IT, and Telecommunication. Spearheaded strategies, negotiations, and mergers, collaborating with giants like Ericsson and EON. Renowned speaker in Europe on tech and business models. Expert in Electric Mobility, IPTV, and Business Development. Proven skills in team-building and multinational management.

  • Boban Korać: 

Experienced in global entrepreneurship. Boban's 25-year experience is based on cross-continental ventures and strategic mastery. He crafts the blueprint for NexVolt’s international footprint and expansion.


  • Francois Miqueu: 

Global Leader with significant global banking exposure for example 20+ years of CEO experience in the financial industry with General Electric Capital and CaixaBank, with roles in the USA, Europe, Asia, and his strategic expertise, positions him as a pivotal influencer in the financial services industry. His contributions as a board member and CEO across multiple companies and his dedication to education and mentoring underline his leadership capabilities and vast industry knowledge.


  • Nick Sampson

He has over 40 years’ experience in high tech automotive engineering and business management with significant contributions at Jaguar, Lotus, Tesla, Faraday Future, and many other companies.  At Faraday Future he was one of the original founders and was behind the technologies that underpinned their endeavors to deliver innovative solutions aimed at the new Era of Mobility and Transportation. Whilst at Tesla he led the vehicle engineering team responsible for the creation and development of the Model S sedan and the concept development of the Model X. Nick was part of the new vehicle engineering management team responsible for the Jaguar XJ6 sedans, XJ41 Prototype, XK8 sports car, Jaguar S Type and the XJ220 supercar.


  • Franck Mourge: 

With more than 25 years leadership experiences in automotive and digital industries worldwide, Franck generated new business opportunities and profit growth through innovation, cost optimisation and market expansions strategies. He has strong mindset of operational and delivery mindset


  • Ruben de Schipper: 

25-Year Software Engineering Veteran,  dynamic professional who truly "Gets things done" in software development and system-level views, with a focus on the automotive embedded software sector. Deeply skilled in ANSI C, Matlab/Simulink, LabView, and other specialized tools. Recognized for strengths in debugging, ensuring robust system views, and embedded software mastery. A trusted name in the software engineering industry.

Job Opportunities

We’re Hiring

At NexVolt Innovations INC, we hire top talent to keep our business growing and thriving. We work with an incredible team of individuals, and are always looking to expand the NexVolt Innovations INC family. If you think you have what it takes to work with us, we’d love to hear from you. 

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