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Our unique patented Current Booster

Current Booster 

Unique Features and Points
1. Areas of Usage:
- Micro Grids: Decentralized energy systems ideal for community energy management.
- Solid State Transformers: The backbone for modern power distribution networks.
- Isolated Motor Drivers: Engineered for applications demanding both precision control and enhanced safety through galvanic isolation.
- Fuse and Contactor Tester: Essential tool for electrical system maintenance and reliability.
- Static and dynamic resistance measurement on HV circuit breaker: Core tool for high-voltage equipment quality assurance.
- Fast Chargers: Suitable for environments needing rapid energy delivery like EV stations.
- Substation Primary Injectors: Ensuring peak substation performance.
- Overcurrent Simulators: Vital for the development and testing of motor protection systems.
- Converters for ESS: Streamlined for energy storage applications, optimizing conversion and storage.
2. Efficient Energy Conversion:
- Transform energy directly from battery packs or storage units to vehicles, households, and supply-side applications.
- Experience a streamlined process with remarkably reduced energy losses during conversion.
3. Modular Topology:
- A flexible structure for custom adaptation and scalability based on application needs.
- Scalable to handle high effects 
4. Current Booster - The Efficiency Prodigy with Galvanic Isolation:
- Bidirectional Capabilities: Offers the versatility of converting DC to AC, DC to DC, and vice versa.
- Unified Conversion: Bypasses the need for separate DC/DC converters and inverters, streamlining the entire process.
- Exceptional Efficiency: Achieves an unparalleled efficiency of over 96%.
- Galvanic Isolation: Provides enhanced safety and system protection, ensuring optimal performance.
- Simplified Design: Fewer components translate to cost-effectiveness and increased reliability.
The range of Global patented products and technologies, rooted in the principles of galvanic isolation, promises to deliver energy solutions that are not just efficient but also safe and reliable. Embrace the future with enhanced safety and performance in mind.


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